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Heimat-Atlantica Cupid La Falaise Mini

 HEIMAT ATLANTICA’s ethos is to empower artists, weaving tradition into modernity. The Cupid bag is a dazzling result of our first collaboration with Flora Langlois (La Falaise) that creates an oneiric marine world for SS24 collection.

Dimensions: h=18 cm Ø= 10.5 cm
Handle: 22 cm
Removable leather cross-body strap: 115 cm
Color: natural reed and navy blue calf leather
Material: reed, metal charm and calf leather

This collection is an ode to our passions, the ocean and the pursuit of Love. Introducing the newest trademark golden charm, the mesmerizing seahorse, embodying love, romance and unity. Just like seahorses, which find a companion for life.

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