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Ilio Nema

Ilio Nema

ILIO NEMA is a fashion label with a mission: to counteract trend-based consumption by reintroducing timeless and traditional craftsmanship to modern life.

Inspired by Hellenic culture and mythology, ILIO NEMA (pronounced Il-yo – Ne-ma) means “sun thread” in Greek. Gold threads are a recurring motif of the range, and a reference to the Greek myth of Ariadne, her gold thread allowing Theseus to navigate his way through the labyrinth of Deadalus.

The label was founded in 2021 by Ariane Leondaridis and Katia Kelso, both of whom are of Greek heritage. Ariane was born in Paris and Katia in Sydney, but the pair first discovered their shared passion for artisanal craft when they worked together in New York.

The ILIO NEMA collections are centered around unique, versatile styles that are effortless yet sophisticated, pieces that can be worn from the beach to dinner.

Produced in collaboration with artisanal communities in India, each ILIO NEMA piece is unique. Each design reflects both an appreciation of traditional skills and contemporary style. Hand-loomed stripe fabrics are a signature of ILIO NEMA’s aesthetic.

The collection also consists of ‘remnant fabrics’ – which are often left over from other designers’ collections and destined for landfill. These are re-designed and adorned with delicate hand beading details.

This philosophy rejects the traditional fashion business model of design and demand and seeks instead to partner with suppliers in a collaborative and inclusive way. In keeping with this approach, the focus will be on producing pieces that can be worn year after year, season after season and become heirlooms.

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